Free Materials for Distance Learning

28 Free Resources for Distance LearningDistance Learning – For the teacher, this is expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating. Did I say expensive? YES! Because of this, I pulled together a group of free resources that can be used during this tough time. You’ll find everything here: math, language arts, Google Slides and Boom Learning.

First things first. Here is a little bit about the programs. Specific materials follow the program descriptions.

Boom Learning

If you have never used Boom Learning, you are in for a real treat. Right now through June 2020, you can get a free Ultimate membership. Also, all the decks you purchase or download for free can be used forever. Once the trial period is over, you can opt for the free membership or one of three paid plans which are extremely affordable. What the free membership means is students will play the decks as always. They will see no difference. The difference in the free membership and the paid options is the program will not collect data for teachers. So, get the free Ultimate Membership and try it out. It’s a win-win.


Google Resources for Teachers

By now you have most likely used Google, so I’ll keep these descriptions short.

  • Google Forms – With Google Forms, you can create quizzes. You can also collect information such as email addresses, polls, etc.
  • Google Slides – This program is used to make a variety of presentations. For teachers, this means editable worksheets. You can even embed videos, animations, and much more.
  • Google Docs – Docs is a word processing program. Students can easily type paragraphs or essays and add images and drawings. The smart program helps with editing.
  • Google Sheets – Sheets helps students create charts, graphs, and other spreadsheet tasks.
  • More from Google Education
  • Google Teacher Center


Free Digital Resources of Distance Learning

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz FREE Novel Study

As a way to help teachers during this difficult time, I converted my The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Novel Study to Google Slides. So, if you are struggling to find resources for distance learning, here’s a great freebie for you. Since the novel is in the public domain, students don’t have to leave their homes to get copies of the book. Everything, including the actual novel, is on Google Slides.

On top of all of this, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a favorite with students. The book contains so many wonderful events that didn’t make it into the movie. Students are surprised by the differences.

Another plus, while The Wonderful Wizard of Oz rates at a Lexile score of 970L, audio versions are available on the web making it great for younger students as well as older ones.

Grab this pdf file to get links to the Google Slides plus teacher materials.


This video gives a quick walk-through of the webpages and materials that are found on Book Units Teacher Website – Measurement Section.

You’ll find the following:

  • pdf conversion charts
  • mini lessons
  • converters
  • 10 activities created with Google Forms

Find the measurement section of Book Units Teacher here.


Figurative Language

Free Digital Figurative Language Materials for Students - Perfect for Distance Learning




Teach figurative language skills with these two free resources.

#1 – Students add their own adages and proverbs to this Google Slides organizer based on themes such as wisdom, ethics, acting foolishly, family,  greed, and rules of society. This organizer provides space for students to type, illustrate, and define 20 proverbs and adages.

#2 – This free Boom Learning deck provides practice with 38 idioms. 


Other Boom Learning Free Decks

Free Boom Learning Decks Perfect for Distance Learning




After getting Boom set up for your class, here are some free decks to try.


Author’s Purpose

Writing for an Audience

Reference Sources


Teaching with Animated Shorts

Free Teaching with Animated Shorts Perfect for Distance Learning

Teachers have stated repeatedly that the Teaching with Animated Short Series is perfect for Distance Learning. Below are links to samples that include Google Slides. These links go to the pdf versions because they contain links to the videos and the answer keys. In each printable, you will find the link to the Google Slides activity.

Coin Operated

One Small Step

On the Same Page

Crow: The Legend

Distracted and Dear Alice

The Box 

Miyako and The Monster Under My Bed

The Catch

Broken: Rock, Scissors, Paper Story


Mythical Allusions

Mythical Allusions using Well-Known Logos - A Fun Activity for Students


Have your students ever asked you about the meanings of mythical allusions such as these?

  • Resisting chocolate is my Achilles’ heel.
  • Cupid strikes again.
  • Money brings us happiness but sometimes it is a Pandora’s Box.
  • All his shops are extremely profitable. He has the Midas touch.
  • Is his plan a Trojan horse that will end the good life?

With this activity, students learn about mythical allusions using famous logos.

Why did NBC use a peacock?

Why did the automotive service name their company Midas?

This activity includes 18 logos along with some other activities.


Take some of the stress away with these free activities that are great for distance learning!

28 Free Resources for Distance Learning


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