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Index Card Storage

If you have purchased any of my novel studies, you know that I love using index cards to teach vocabulary words. Working with index cards is both fantastic and frustrating. Students often lose a few when notebooks are dropped. I wanted to come up with a little/no-cost solution to prevent students from losing their cards. I wondered — What could I use for storage boxes? This post will go over two ways to turn ordinary ‘trash’ into vocabulary card storage boxes.

One morning as I was fixing a cup of tea, I realized that a tea box is a perfect size for storing index cards. This made me wonder what other packages would work. The plastic storage containers for Extra chewing gum works well if the index cards are trimmed down on one side. I’m including instructions for both projects below.

Vocabulary Card Storage Boxes – Extra Chewing Gum 

Two No-Cost Ways to Store Vocabulary Cards - Vocabulary Card Storage Boxes

In literally minutes, you can have storage boxes ready for index cards using Extra Chewing Gum storage boxes. First, remove the cardboard from the plastic container. It slides right out. 

The boxes are the correct size vertically, but too short horizontally. For standard 3 by 5-inch index cards, you must cut off one inch from one side to create 3 by 4-inch cards.

Three-by-four-inch-sized cards fit perfectly inside the plastic box.Two No-Cost Ways to Store Vocabulary Cards

Vocabulary Card Storage Boxes – Tea Boxes

Different companies use different measurements when creating their packaging. These three will work, but I prefer the design of the Twinings box the best.Step 1 - Creating Storage Step 1

Open one box to use as a template. Do not open the other boxes.

Step 2 - Creating Storage

Step 2

Place the template on the backside of Con-Tact paper. Trace around it with a marker. Important note: Add an extra inch to the pattern on the lid of the box. By doing so, the Con-Tact paper can be folded under for a neat edge. After tracing the box, cut out the shape.Step 3 - Creating Storage for CardsTwo No-Cost Ways to Store Vocabulary CardsTwo No-Cost Ways to Store Vocabulary Cards

Step 3

When using a Twinings box, cut off the bottom of the logo to make the box have a straight edge.

Step 4 - Creating

Step 4

Remove the wax paper backing from the Con-Tact paper.

Step 5 - Creating Storage

Step 5

Wrap the Con-Tact paper from the front to the back of the box, saving the sides for last.

Two No-Cost Ways to Store Vocabulary CardsStep 6 - Creating Storage

Step 6

Fold in tabs on the sides and lid areas before wrapping the side pieces and the front of the lid.

Step 7 - Creating Storage

Step 7

Fold the front lid section over the inside of the box for a neat finished edge on the lid. You may need to trim off any Con-Tact paper that sticks beyond the edges of the box as it is sticky.

Step 8 - Creating Storage

As you can see in the photo, the box is the perfect size for storing index cards.Two No-Cost Ways to Make Vocabulary Cards Storage Boxes Using Index Cards to Teach Vocabulary

Here is a video I put together to show my teaching method using index cards.

Two No-Cost Ways to Make Vocabulary Cards Storage Boxes



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