Teaching Person vs Self Conflict

Person vs. Self Conflict

In a Person vs Self conflict, the main character has a problem within him/herself. This type of struggle takes place in the character’s mind. The character has to make a choice between doing something that is right or wrong. The character may also have to overcome emotions.

Examples for Teaching Person vs Self from Literature

Picture Books

  • The Dog Who Cried Wolf
  • Dogzilla
  • Edward the Emu
  • My Rotten Red-Headed Older Brother
  • Owl Babies
  • Ira Sleeps Over
  • Hey, Al

Children’s Literature

  • Pinocchio
  • Stargirl
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  • Chocolate Fever
  • From Weasel
    Nathan spends the winter months struggling with his conscience. Should he go back to Weasel’s cabin to seek revenge or forget about Weasel?

Teaching Person vs Self Conflict with Movie Trailers

Almost Famous

A teenage rock star journalist goes on the road with an up-and-coming rock band in the early 1970s. 


Toy Story

Andy gives Woody to Bonnie.



Rapunzel struggles with the idea of freedom vs breaking her mother’s heart.


Luke Skywalker Surrenders to Darth Vader


Aladdin and the Genie

Aladdin needs to tell Jasmine the truth about who he really is.



The Grinch

The Grinch struggles with finding something nice to wear.



FREE Conflicts in Literature Organizer

Types of Conflicts Quiz

List the main conflict in each quote from The City of Ember.

________________________ “Okay,” said Doon. He pulled a pencil from the desk drawer. “Really,” he said, “this is a perfect idea. We can get away from the guards and leave our message behind us.

And we can be the first ones to arrive in the new city! We should be the first because we discovered the way.”

________________________ It was true. The thought of taking Poppy with her on the river, which had darted into Lina’s mind, darted out again. I’m only being selfish, she thought, to want to have her with me. It’s too dangerous to take her. Mrs. Murdo will bring her in a day or two. This seemed the most sensible plan, though it made her so sad that it cast a shadow over the thrill of going to the new city. “What if something goes wrong?” she said.

________________________ “Ember, as you know,” the mayor went on, “is in a time of difficulty. Extraordinary measures are necessary. This is a time when citizens should be most loyal. Most law-abiding. For the good of all.”…. The lights went out.

There was no flicker this time, just sudden, complete darkness.

From The One and Only Ivan

After they captured my sister and me, they put us in a cramped, dark crate that smelled of urine and fear.

Somehow I knew that in order to live, I had to let my old life die. But my sister could not let go of our home. It held her like a vine, stretching across the miles, comforting, strangling.

We were still in our crate when she looked at me without seeing, and I knew that the vine had finally snapped.

What is the main conflict of the passage?

    1. The vine was breaking.
    2. Ivan’s sister could not get used to captivity.
    3. The crate was small, dark and smelled bad.
    4. The vine was choking Ivan’s sister.

Teaching Conflict in Literature (Person vs. the Environment) Using Movie Trailers

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