Teaching The BFG by Roald Dahl

Teaching Ideas for The BFGTen-year-old Sophie spies the Big Friendly Giant (BFG) late one night. The BFG wants to keep his identity a secret, so he whisks Sophie away. Soon Sophie realizes that the giant is quite gentle and even charming. Her friendship with him grows. Sophie’s presence in the giant’s cave attracts the not-so-friendly giants. These children eating giants must go. Sophie devises a plan, but she must go to London to convince Queen Victoria to help her in her quest. Will she be successful with this endeavor? Read The BFG to find out.

Activities to use with the Book

Activity #1 Free Bump Games

These free games will make a great addition to your unit on The BFG. They cover the following:

  • literary devices
  • characters
  • symbols

Full color plus blackline versions are available as well as digital versions created through Google Slides. Click here to download these three free bump games.

Free Bump Games to use with your The BFG Unit
Free Bump Games to use with your The BFG Unit.

Instructions for Playing

  1. Roll a die to determine which player goes first.
  2. On a turn, roll two dice.
  3. Read the sentence that corresponds with the number rolled.
  4. Place a cube over the correct answer in the bottom boxes.
  5. If another player’s cube is on that answer, BUMP it off.
  6. The player takes back the cube and may use it again.
  7. If your cube is on that answer, link the cubes together and that spot is frozen. This means no other player can bump you.
  8. If you roll an answer that is not available, this is the end of your turn.
  9. The winner is the player who uses all his/her cubes first.

Three Free BUMP Games to use with The BFG to help teach symbols, characters, and literary devices.

Activity #2 [Watch the Trailer.]

Watch the Disney movie version of The BFG. Have students compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the two. 

Activity #3 [Watch the Animated Movie.]

In 1989, The BFG was made into an animated film. This film is full of songs and even won the New York Film Festival for Best Score and Songs. This makes it a great addition to teach figurative language. The video below contains the full movie.

Activity #4 [Anchor Chart]

This is a quick and easy anchor chart to create. Print, cut out, and paste a picture of the BFG or take a few minutes to draw a quick sketch. Students write inner and outer traits on sticky notes and place them on the appropriate side of the BFG forming a T-chart.

The BFG Anchor Chart ~ Physical and Inner Character Traits [Proof from Text]

Activity #5 [Bulletin Boards]

All of the bulletin boards were found on the web. Several came from Pinterest. I have given credit following each photograph that did not lead to a dead link.The BFG Reading Corner This photo comes from Sparklebox in the UK. This is a great website for free printable classroom displays.

BFG Bulletin Board Ideas

BFG Bulletin Board Ideas

BFG Bulletin Board Ideas

BFG Bulletin Board Ideas

This cute idea came from Goldfield Infants’ and Nursery School. It looks like even the little ones love this book.

BFG Bulletin Board Ideas

BFG Bulletin Board Ideas

Activity #7 [FREE! – The Bloodbottler Challenge Activity to Support Teaching on The BFG]

Twinkl is a great website for Roald Dahl activities. Students will love the graphics on The Bloodbottler download.

Activity #8 [Sample from The BFG Book Unit]

Click here to download Chapters 1-2 comprehension and writing free sample.

Free Sample from The BFG Book Unit

Do you need additional teaching resources?

Check out The BFG Book Unit.

The BFG Book Unit

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