The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ~ Chapter 15 “The Discovery of Oz, the Terrible”

Chapter 15 ~ The Discovery of Oz, the TerribleDownload The Wizard of Oz Free Book Units ~ Chapter 15.

Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Lion, and the Tin Woodman return to the Emerald City. They ask to speak to the Great Oz, so they can collect the objects they seek. Days go by without a word. Finally, the Scarecrow sends a message to the Great Oz that they will summon the Winged Monkeys if he does not see them.

When the group goes into the Throne Room, they find it empty. A voice comes from the throne, so they ask  the throne for the promised objects. When the voice backs down, the Lion roars.  This startles Toto causing him to knock down a screen. This is when the group discovers the Great Oz is really an old man with no magical powers hiding behind the screen.

The false Wizard starts by telling the group that he is a ventriloquist. He tells the group how he came to Oz as a young man when the ropes in his balloon became twisted and he could come down again. He explains that he has been good to the people of Oz, and they like him. The group agrees to keep his secret while he figures out a way to give them all the things he promised.



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Chapter 15



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