Back-to-School Procedure Task Cards

Free Editable Procedure Task Cards

Teaching Procedures

Teaching procedures during the first weeks of school can become monotonous for students. Because of this, I have created task cards which work well with the game Scoot. Instructions for Scoot are included in the download.

Scoot Activity

Playing Scoot turns using a set of task cards into a game. You play by placing one task card on each student’s desk. For easier recording, place the cards in numerical order. Give each student one copy of a sheet to record answers.


Each student will read the question on the activity card on his/her desk and will record the answer. After a length of time (approximately 1 minute),a signal is given for the students to scoot to the next desk. The signal may simply be the teacher saying “move” or a noise such as a bell. The procedure repeats at each desk. The activity continues until all students end up at the desks where they began the activity.

Task Cards

These cards are editable. After downloading the file from  Teachers Pay Teachers, all you need to do is open it in PowerPoint. The backgrounds are fixed, but the words can be edited. You can change the text to meet your individual classroom requirements by just clicking on the text to highlight the textbox and then simply type new questions.


Kelly says:

Great idea. I plan on using this at the end of the first week. Hopefully, students will know what to do by then, but if they don’t, this will be my chance to find out. I anticipate some good discussion.

Jennifer says:

Great idea! I have customized and printed.

Julie says:

I have really enjoyed using previous products of yours and I look forward to using these.


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I hope you have a fantastic school year!


Free Editable Procedure Task Cards

Gay Miller

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