The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Chapter 14

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This free book study for The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is being offered in weekly installments. The best place to begin is with the introduction found here. This post contains teaching materials for Chapter 14 ~ The Winged Monkeys.

Summary of Chapter 14 ~ The Winged Monkeys

The four travelers left the Winkies to head toward Emerald City. When they became lost, Dorothy blew the whistle to summon the field mice. They told her to use the spell of the Golden Cap to call the Winged Monkeys. When she called, they came and started to carry the travelers to Emerald City. As they flew the King of the Winged Monkeys told this story.

There was once a beautiful princess who was a powerful sorceress named Gayelette. She wanted to find a husband, but could not find anyone who was suitable. One day she found a handsome boy named Quelala. She took him to her palace and raised him to be strong and kind.

When Quelala was walking one day, the Winged Monkeys, who were always playing tricks, picked up Quelala and dropped him into the river. He was dressed in rich clothing of silk and velvet. Gayelette became angry. She told the Winged Monkeys that she was going to tie their wings together and drop them into the river.

The King of the Winged Monkeys pleaded for this not to happen because he knew they could not swim with their wings tied. Gayelette spared their lives under one condition. She placed a spell on the Golden Cap which she had purchased as a wedding gift for Quelala. The Winged Monkeys had to be slaves three times to the owner of the Golden Cap, whoever had it at the time.

Quelala had used the Golden Cap only once to order the Winged Monkeys to stay away. Later the Golden Cap fell into the hands of the Wicked Witch of the West.

The Winged Monkeys dropped the travelers off at the gate to the Emerald City and left.

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Teaching Materials for Chapter 14 ~ The Winged Monkeys


plague [verb] ~ to bother or annoy

“But if you are going to call the Winged Monkeys we must run away, for they are full of mischief and think it great fun to plague us.”

❤◦.¸¸. ◦✿ ❤◦.¸¸. ◦✿❤◦.¸¸. ◦✿❤

hasten [verb] ~ to make happen sooner or faster

When he grew to manhood, Quelala, as he was called, was said to be the best and wisest man in all the land, while his manly beauty was so great that Gayelette loved him dearly, and hastened to make everything ready for the wedding.

Comprehension Questions

  1. The main conflict in Chapter 14 was…
    1.   The Queen of the Field Mice had to come when summoned by the whistle.
    2.   The Winged Monkeys were mischievous.
    3.   Gayelette couldn’t find a husband worthy of her beauty.
    4.   The four travelers became lost.
  1. The Wicked Witched used the Golden Cap to do all of the following except ___.
    1.   drive Oz himself out of the Land of the West
    2.   dunk Quelala into the river
    3.   capture Dorothy, Toto, and the Lion
    4.   enslave the Winkies
  1. The effect of the mischievous behavior of the Winged Monkeys was ___.
    1.  they were captured by Gayelette
    2. a summoning spell
    3.  Quelala’s marriage to Gayelette
    4.  their wings being tied
  1. Describe Gayelette’s palace.
  1. Summarize the story the King of the Winged Monkeys told.


  • Constructed Response ~ Character Change ~ The Tin Woodman
    • CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.5.1
    • CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.6.1
    • CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.7.1
  • Language Arts Skill ~ Suffix [-en]
    • CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.5.4.b
    • CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.6.4.b
    •  CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.7.4.b

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