Lesson 1 The Northwest Ordinance



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America (1785-1849)
The Northwest Ordinance
Life in the Northwest Territory
Louisiana Purchase
Explorers - Lewis and Clark & Pike
The Events leading up to the War of 1812
The War of 1812
The Star Spangled Banner
Life in the North
Life in the South
The Northwest Territory and Andrew Jackson
Americans Push West - The Trail of Tears
Frontiersmen/Settlements in the West
Mountain Men/Folklore - Paul Bunyan
The Fight for Texas
Seneca Falls - Women's Rights
The Gold Rush

Animal Tracks
Make stamps of animal footprints. First cut animal footprints from foam. Then glue them to the Styrofoam containers that meat is packaged on in th supermarket. With a wide paint brush paint over the stamp. Press the painted stamp onto a piece of cloth or paper.


wolf.gif (10777 bytes)    wolf snowbird.gif (8900 bytes)     snowbird

More Animal Tracks
Discuss the kinds of animals that would be living in the Northwest Territory. List them on the board. Hold up the patterns of the animal prints from the activity above and have student try to identify the animal that would leave the track.



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