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Read the pages offered in the left column. Several activities are recommended for each page. Next try to pass the online quiz for the page. These quizzes score your answers as you take them. Really cool!!




Before Columbus Activities Quiz
Christopher Columbus Activities Quiz
Did Columbus really discover America? Activities Quiz
Explorers Chart This is a timeline with links to individual reports for all the explorers listed at this site.
Early Explorers Learn about Leif , Marco Polo, Bartholomeu Dias, Amerigo Vespucci, and Ferdinand Magellan here.
Spanish Explorers Activities Quiz
Spanish Settlements Activities Quiz
French Explorers Activities Quiz
French Settlements Activities Quiz
British Explorers Activities Quiz
Take a multiple choice test on explorers.



A great way to explore this website is by have your students create interactive graphic organizers. The organizers on the lap book below are available through Teachers Pay Teachers.



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