American History The Revolutionary War

The Revolutionary War

American History The Revolutionary War

One of the key causes of the American Revolution was that Great Britian began taxing Americans more and more to help pay the cost of the French and Indian War that took place between the American colonies and New France. Another cause was that Britian was becoming more involved in the affairs of the colonies. The colonists were worried about their lose of freedoms.

The Revolutionary WarLinks

Lesson 1 Conflict Activities Quiz
Lesson 2 The King of England tries to Tighten his Control Activities Quiz
Lesson 3 Sons of Liberty Activities Quiz
Lesson 4 The Boston Massacre & The Boston Tea Party Activities Quiz
Lesson 5 The First Continental Congress Activities Quiz
Lesson 6 The Minutemen - Paul Revere & The Battle of Concord and Lexington Activities Quiz
Lesson 7 Bunker Hill Activities Quiz
Lesson 8 Who Would Win the Revolutionary War? Activities
Lesson 9 The Second Continental Congress & the Hessians Activities Quiz
Lesson 10 Common Sense and the Declaration of Independence Activities Quiz
Lesson 11 Famous People Activities
Lesson 12 The American Flag Activities
Lesson 13 Early Battles Activities Quiz
Lesson 14 Washington Crosses the Delaware & The Battle of Saratoga Activities Quiz
Lesson 15 Valley Forge and the End of the War Activities Quiz
Revolutionary War

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