Colonial America Activities for The Southern Colonies

Student Craft Project - Making a Horn Book

Make a horn book. A hornbook was a page of writing that was fastened to a wooden frame. The writing was covered with a translucent sheet of animal horn. The handle of the hornbook had a hole so that the hornbook could be warn around a child's neck or fastened to his belt with a length of rope or twine. 

 Directions: Cut out the hornbook shape from a piece of brown poster board. Punch a hole in the handle. Thread a length of yarn through the hole and tie the yarn's ends. Write the alphabet using berry ink on a piece of paper. Glue this to the hornbook. Cover the paper with a clear piece of plastic.

Student Craft Project - Fan

Make a fan. Southern girls carried fans that matched their outfits. 

Directions: This one was made by cutting nine pieces of poster board. The poster board pieces were woven together at the top with a ribbon. The bottom was fastened together with a brad or a paper clip. Decorate your fan by painting flowers, butterflies, or bees on the blades like the one shown here.

Student Activity - Triangle Trade

Triangular Trade Activity - Triangular trade was the pattern of trade between the colonies, Europe, and Africa. Goods from the colonies were traded in England. From there the ships traveled to Africa to trade goods for slaves. Then the ships went back to the West Indies.

Map of the Thirteen Colonies

Game - To remember the location of each colony play this game. Place a map of the thirteen colonies on the floor. Be sure the map does not have the names of the colonies written on it. Players take turns dropping a penny onto the map. The player must name the colony the penny lands on. If the player lands on a large colony and can correctly name it he earns 10 points. Smaller colonies are worth 5 points. The first player to reach 100 points is the winner.

Diorama of a Planation Created by Students

Build a Southern Plantation - Your plantation will need the following buildings: 

  • mansion - large three story building
  • kitchen
  • stables
  • carpenter's shop
  • blacksmith's shop
  • servants' quarters
  • smoke house
  • weaver's shop
  • tannery shop
  • slave houses
  • tobacco barns
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