Colonial America Paul Revere

Paul Revere

Paul Revere was born in Boston in December 1734. He learned how to be a gold and silversmith from his father when he was 19 years old. Paul Revere had a gold and silversmith shop for more than 40 years. He made spoons, cups, trays, and tea sets. Paul Revere’s work was very decorative and expensive. When money was low Paul Revere worked copper plate engravings.

In 1756 he volunteered to fight the French at Lake George, New York. One year later he got married to Rachel Walker. They had eight children.

Paul Revere joined the Sons of Liberty. This group joined up and threw tea off the English boat into the Atlantic Ocean. The tea was worth $75,000. They did this to make the English mad because they placed more taxes on the tea.

On April 18, 1775, Paul Revere was sent to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock that the British troops were coming to arrest them. That’s why he rode nearly 700 miles in 11 days to spread the news.

He died May 10, 1818 at the age of 83.


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