Colonial America Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 17, 1706. He learned how to be a printer from his brother James. When he was 17 years old he ran away to Philadelphia. Then he moved to London to practice his printing. Ben returned to Philadelphia in 1726. He opened his own printing office. He even became the owner of a newspaper.

In 1730 Benjamin Franklin married Deborah Read Rogers. They had two children, a boy who died at the age of four, and a daughter.


He opened one of the first libraries. He published a book called Poor Richard- An Almanac. Franklin is also known for establishing the first fire department, a police force, and the Academy of Philadelphia. Around 1774, Franklin invented a stove which reduced smoke. The Franklin stove is still in use today.

In the 1740's Benjamin Franklin started experimenting with electricity. That led to the invention of the lightning rod. He is also know for his famous experiment which included flying a kite during a lightning storm happened in 1752.

In 1757, Franklin was sent to England as a representative for the colonies. He stayed there for five years. Franklin then spent the next nine years in France. Franklin returned to Philadelphia in 1785. Two years later, he became a member of the Constitutional Convention.

Benjamin Franklin, age 84 died in Philadelphia, on April 17.

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