Colonial America George Washington

George Washington
On February 22, 1732, George Washington was born. George was born at Bridges Creek Plantation. He was an athletic boy, and he was tall for his age. His father gave him a pony and taught him how to ride. George went to a school near home. There a minister taught him how to write, read and do sums. George had a hard time with spelling. Nothing really bad happened to George until he was eleven. That was when his father died. Now George looked to his half bother, Lawrence,  for guidance. Lawrence taught him how to hunt and to shoot. George became a very good marksman. George Washington grew up in a big family. His father was married before. George had two half brothers that were older then him and three younger brothers. When George was twenty, he joined the Virginia militia as a major. He became successful in the military.


Washington’s life was settled in Mount Vernon, where he met Martha Curtis. Martha owned 100 slaves. Martha had two children named Patsy and Jackie. George and Martha were married and lived in Mount Vernon.

Many Americans wanted to be free of Great Britain. They wanted independence and to run their country on their own. Washington was chosen to be the army’s leader. Washington was a great commander and finally helped America win the Revolutionary War. After this, many people wanted Washington to become King of the United States. Washington wanted no part of it. He only wanted to live peacefully at Mount Vernon.

Washington soon received a call to duty. The delegates of the thirteen states were meeting in Philadelphia to write a constitution for the United States. The document called for a president to lead the people. Ballots were sent out and all voters chose Washington as there first president. George Washington served two terms as president proving to be a very wise, caring, and fair leader.

George Washington spent the rest of his life at Mount Vernon, the place he loved to be.

The story of George Washington chopping down the cherry is one of the most famous stories told about Washington. There is no evidence that the story was true. Some say the story was told in order to point out George Washington's honesty.


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