The Gift of the Magi

The Gift of the Magi FREE Lesson PlansThe Gift of the Magi is a heartwarming story of a young married couple who each sell his or her most prized possession to have money to buy a gift for his or her spouse. It makes a wonderful mini-unit to teach during the Christmas season.

What Level is the Story Unit?

Not only is the message a good one, but the book lends itself to covering a number of CCSS skills. The original story measures 6.1 grade equivalent; however, it is a little challenging for sixth graders with its Lexile rating at 940. Due to this, I have also included a simplified version that measures a 4.9 grade equivalent. I made sure that both versions of the story contain the same vocabulary words, making this a perfect unit for differentiated instruction.

What is Included in this Resource?

This unit began as a series of four blog posts. This year I decided to create digital task cards hosted by Boom Learning™ for the vocabulary and comprehension questions. The Gift of the Magi Free Story UnitWhat is Boom Learning™?

Boom Learning™ takes task cards and makes them a self-scoring interactive tool. The website collects data. Teachers receive detailed reports. It is a win-win situation.

There’s More…

I also turned the constructive writing prompts and writing activity into materials for Google Slides™.

How do I get the unit?

I placed links to each resource plus instructions for how to use Google Slides and Boom Learning Decks together in one resource for your convenience. You will find it here.

Merry Christmas

Gay Miller

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