10 Christmas Compare and Contrast Writing Prompts

Engage students with these 10 Christmas Compare and Contrast Writing Prompts.
Are you looking for some new activities to add to your lesson plans? Check out these 10 Christmas compare and contrast writing prompts. Better yet, they come in both printable and Google slide versions. The paragraphs, as well as the responses, are short making these prompts great for morning review, an entry or exit activity, or learning center assignment.

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Christmas Compare and Contrast Writing Prompts

Tree Decorating

Ricky and Matthew were decorating the family Christmas tree. Each boy had one box of ornaments. Ricky stood on a chair, so he could reach the top of the tree. He worked steadily going from the top to bottom of the tree until his box of ornaments was empty. He then sat down to drink a cup of cocoa. On the other hand, Matthew said he knew where a step ladder was kept. He looked all over the house until he found it. Matthew had just started decorating his half of the tree when Dad came in and said that it was time to go shopping. Matthew didn’t have time to drink cocoa before heading out to the mall.

How are Ricky and Matthew similar and different?


Alyssa wants her dog Sadie to look extraordinary for the holidays. She goes shopping for an adorable Santa hat for Sadie to wear. Alyssa’s brother Jacob doesn’t want to go shopping for dog clothes. He says stocking caps look silly on dogs. When Alyssa returns home from shopping, Jacob is bathing Sadie. It was then that Alyssa knows Jacob wants Sadie to look special for the holidays too.

Select which character you feel did the best job making Sadie look special for the holidays. Explain why this character’s approach is better compared to the other character’s method.

Packages under the Tree

Tiffany stared at the two gifts sitting under the Christmas tree. She couldn’t wait for Christmas to come so that she could finally see what was inside the packages. One was tall and very heavy. It was wrapped in green paper with a big red bow. In contrast, the other present was small and square. It was very light when she picked it up. Its paper was blue. It had a red bow on it as well. Both packages were very pretty with their big bows.

Make a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the two packages.

Cookies for Santa

Emily couldn’t decide which type of cookie to leave out for Santa. She had two favorites, chocolate chip, and gingerbread men. Her mom added a secret ingredient to the chocolate chip cookie dough, cream cheese. This gave the cookies a chewy middle with slightly crunchy edges which made them delicious. Another of her mom’s specialties was gingerbread men. This all-time favorite looked so festive decorated like little men. The gingerbread men tasted really yummy also because likewise, her mom added a secret ingredient to them, cream cheese frosting. Maybe Santa would like both?

How are the two cookies alike and different?

A Gift for Mom

Sally and her sister Meg wanted to buy special Christmas presents for their mother. Sally saved a small part of her allowance each week. Meg waited until two weeks before Christmas and tried to find jobs to earn extra money. Sally bought her mother a beautiful scarf, Meg only had enough money to buy sequins to put on a homemade card.

In what ways are Sally and Meg alike and different in their goals to buy Christmas gifts? 

Christmas in Alaska

Families in Alaska celebrate Christmas with the same traditions as people all over the United States. Santa arrives on Christmas Eve; on Christmas morning everyone exchanges gifts, and special foods are prepared. Alaskans do have some customs which are different. They sing Gristuusaaq suu’uq, an Aleut song that means Christ is born. Along with cookies and candy, they will also eat maple-frosted doughnuts. Instead of a turkey, fish pie, and smoked salmon, many eat for dinner. Another difference is children go from house to house carrying long poles with stars on top singing Christmas carols.

Compare and contrast an Alaskan Christmas to a Christmas in other states.

Christmas Around the World

During December, Americans often bring an evergreen tree inside their homes and decorate it with lights, tinsel, and other ornaments. The tree is often topped with a star or an angel. Gifts are placed around the tree to be opened on Christmas day. This tradition varies in other places around the world. In Australia, Christmas comes in the middle of the summer. Many Australians decorate Christmas bushes. These are native plants with little red-flowered leaves.  Christmas in Brazil also comes in the summer, so pine trees are decorated with little pieces of cotton to represent falling snow. In Italy, families decorate for Christmas with nativity scenes instead of a Christmas tree. In some countries such as Japan, few people celebrate Christmas.

Use a T-Chart to explain some different Christmas tree traditions.

Tree Toppers

One debate among families is whether to top the Christmas tree with a star or an angel.


The Christmas star is usually made of metal or plastic and may come with lights inside. The angel normally has a porcelain face and arms and is dressed in fancy fabric with feathery wings.


In the same manner, as the lighted star, angels may have lights under their gowns. Both slide onto the top of the tree with a cone-shaped metal piece or may be clipped to the treetop. The angel represents the angel of God that came down from heaven to bring tidings of Jesus’ birth. However, the star represents the star in the East, which has hung over the manger in which Jesus was born.

Whether your family selects a star or an angel, the topper will be the focal point of your Christmas tree and a family heirloom to be passed down for generations.

What characteristics do the two Christmas toppers have in common? How are they different?

Christmas Movies

A Charlie Brown Christmas is a great movie to watch during the holidays. During the movie, Charlie Brown is depressed about the commercialism of Christmas. His spirits are lifted by directing the school pageant, a talk from Linus, and a little fir tree. The music in this movie is fantastic as well.

Another Christmas movie you should watch during the holidays is Elf. This is the story of Buddy, a human raised by elves. Buddy travels to New York City to find his real father after learning he’s not an elf. Buddy is very naïve as he explores a world he has never before seen. His antics are often silly causing laugh-out-loud moments.

Write a paragraph explaining why both movies should be viewed during the Christmas season.

Christmas Songs

Select two Christmas songs with similar themes.

Here are a few examples:

Jingle Bells vs. Silver Bells

Up on the Housetop vs. Here Comes Santa Claus vs. Must be Santa

Winter Wonderland vs. It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Children Go Where I Send Thee vs. Away in a Manger

What do these two Christmas songs have in common?  How do these two Christmas songs differ?


Christmas Compare and Contrast Writing

10 Christmas Compare and Contrast Writing Prompts
10 Christmas Compare and Contrast Writing Prompts
10 Christmas Compare and Contrast Writing Prompts
10 Christmas Compare and Contrast Writing Prompts

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