Teaching Students to Write a Narrative ~ Study Carrel

 Activities for Teaching Students How to Write a Story Hook

Have your ever wondered what it would be like for students to have dozens of resources at their finger tips? Here is what we did. Two file folders were glued together. When these stand up they make a perfect study carrel. Students created foldable organizers and doodle notes to paste on both sides of the carrel. So when a student couldn’t remember a rule for how to write quotations or needed a wow word for a narrative, it was right there.

This post will provide links to all the organizers needed to make this study carrel loaded with resources students will need as they write narratives.

The Inside ~ Writing

Add foldable graphic organizers to your study carrels for students to reference while writing.
  1. The Hook
  2. Wow Words Thesaurus
  3. Types of Figurative Language
  4. Sound Devices
  5. Rules for Writing Quotations
  6. Plot Development Roller Coaster Diagram
  7. Show, Don’t Tell Imagery Chart


Gay Miller

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