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Teaching Students to Write a Narrative ~ Study Carrel

Activities for Teaching Students How to Write a Story Hook


Have your ever wondered what it would be like for students to have dozens of resources at their finger tips? Here is what we did. Two file folders were glued together. When these stand up they make a perfect study carrel. Students created foldable organizers and doodle notes to paste on both sides of the carrel. So when a student couldn’t remember a rule for how to write quotations or needed a wow word for a narrative, it was right there. Continue Reading

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Teaching Students to Write a Narrative ~ Varying Sentences

Activities for Teaching Students How to Write a Story Hook
  At the bottom of this post, you will find a link to all materials needed to complete this varying sentences lesson.

The Lesson 

  Activity #1 ~ Types of Sentence Problems

These three sentence problems are ones I see repeatedly in student writing. Recognizing different types of sentence problems is essential if you don’t wish for your students to make errors. This foldable style graphic organizer makes students aware of common mistakes that are frequently made:

  • Choppy sentences are sentences that are too short. When several short sentences come together, they force the reader to go slowly. This makes the writing seem more “elementary” than it
    truly is.
  • A run-on sentence is when two or more sentences are combined without connecting words or punctuation.]
  • A stringy sentence is when too many clauses usually connected with and, but, so, and because, connect sentences forming one very long sentence. Stringy sentences are so long the reader forgets the beginning of the sentence before reaching the end.]

Activity #2 ~ Types of Sentences

Once students realize they have short choppy sentences (or long stringy sentences), they will need to correct them by turning the some of the sentences into different types. This organizer goes over four sentence types: Continue Reading

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10 Things to Remember When Writing a Narrative

Great blog post with printables to guide students through writing narratives.

Below I have included highlights from a PowerPoint Presentation on Narrative Writing, I presented to a group of 5th graders. The text reads as if giving instructions to students. Below the article are links to the PowerPoint and a printable handout for students to use in assessing their narrative writing.

Number 1 – Strong Beginning

Your story needs a strong beginning. You can achieve this using one of the following methods: Continue Reading

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