Famous Native Americans



Squanto belonged to the Patuxet Indians. The Indians ate berries, beans, corn, and fish. They also hunted animals in the forest. When Squanto was 14, he saw the tall sails of the white man's ship. The white men were led by Captain Weymouth. The captain said, "We come in peace." The Indians traded their furs for knives, combs, mirrors, bracelets, and rings with these white men. 
The captain wanted Squanto to sail with him. After trading with the Indians they sailed to England. They traveled for many days. When Squanto saw England he felt lonely and out of place. 
One day the famous Captain John Smith came looking for Squanto to sail to the New World. He wanted Squanto to come along to help talk with the Indians. Two ships sailed to the New World. One ship was commanded by Captain Smith. The other ship was commanded by Captain Hunt. Captain Hunt was a cruel man, so Squanto traveled with Captain Smith. 

Smith wanted to go explore New England. Captain Smith wanted to make maps. After the captain finished making maps, Squanto left to walk to his village. 
Squanto was two days away from his village when he was taken by Captain Hunt and sold in Spain. For several years Squanto worked for his masters in Spain. Squanto sailed on a ship for England. In England he was able to sail on a fishing boat going to Newfoundland. After staying for many months in Newfoundland, Squanto found a ship going south to New England. 
Squanto finally reached the village of Chief Massasoit. The chief told Squanto that a sickness had killed his entire tribe. 
Squanto left to live alone in the forest. Samoset came to Squanto and told him a village called Plymouth was built by people from England. The village was built where Squanto's home had been. 
Samoset and Squanto went to the biggest houses in the village. The people came out with fire sticks. Squanto said, "We come as friends." The leaders, William Bradford, John Carver, and Miles Standish, agreed to talk. 
During the meeting, Squanto saw a basket of seeds made by his own people. He decided to stay with the settlers called Pilgrims. Squanto helped the Pilgrims grow crops, hunt, and fish for food. When fall came they had a Thanksgiving feast. The Pilgrims invited the Indians to the feast. Squanto felt proud and at peace after helping the Pilgrims.

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