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Native American ActivitiesThis post is part of the Thematic Thursday-Native Americans Linky.  Be sure to check out Carla’s post on Native Americans by following the link at the end of the post.

Teaching students about Native Americans is one of my favorite topics. It doesn’t matter the grade level; students are fascinated. They become active learners when studying about different tribes, customs, etc.

Activity #1

One great way to begin your exploration is with this Native American chart. Each box contains links to information written by students. The webpages are not only full of great information but student-made dioramas, Native American crafts, and costumes. Native American Chart

Activity #2

Another fun way to teach about Native Americans is with this free lapbook. The Native American Lapbook is now the Native Americans Digital Unit and Printable Lapbook. This resource is still free.

Free Native American Lap Book

Activity #3

Free The Story of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Book and Game includes a turnaround upside-down book as well as a comprehension game. With the turn-around upside-down book, students read about the Pilgrims from the beginning of the book to the center. They will then close the book, turn it upside down, and read the story of Squanto from the “new” beginning to the center.

The stories are written on an early fourth-grade reading level. The photos in this book were taken at Plimoth Plantation while I was on vacation.

After reading the book, students will play a game with comprehension questions related to the stories. Students move around the board game while answering inference questions including cause/effect, problem/solution, the importance of setting, etc. covering several Common Core Standards.

I hope your students will have a blast with these activities! 

Get the Thanksgiving Book and Game here.

Free Thanksgiving Book and Game


Activity #4

Native Americans at Book Units Teacher


Many great books with a Native American theme are available. Click here to see Lesson Plans for Teaching Reading With a Native American Theme.


Activity #5

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