Teaching Cause and Effect with Songs

Teaching Cause & Effect with Songs

For February, I am creating a series of four blog posts on songs to use while teaching text structures. Cause and effect was one of the more difficult to think of songs. If you know of any classroom friendly songs, please include them in the “Comment Section” at the bottom of the post.

When You Wish Upon a Star would be a great song to introduce you “Cause and Effect” Lesson. The song has a couple of cause and effect relationships : Continue Reading

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The Castle in the Attic

The Castle in the Attic Novel Study includes everything you need to teach the novel.

Are you looking for a fun novel to use with your students? The Castle in the Attic is both entertaining and educational. Your students will enjoy reading a novel set during Medieval Times. They will also love reading about William’s adventures as he travels back in time.

William has used the magical Janus medal to shrink Mrs. Phillips, his beloved nanny, down to the size of his index finger. He thinks this is the only way to keep her from leaving him and returning to her home in England. William takes her to the attic to live in a magical toy castle. Continue Reading

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Teaching Sequencing with Songs

Songs for Teaching Sequencing

Last week I posted “Teaching Compare and Contrast with Songs” This week, I’m continuing the series with “Teaching Sequencing with Songs.” I’ve listened to hundreds of songs. In the comment area below, I would love to hear your suggestions. Remember the songs must be classroom friendly.

Historical Events

One genre to use in the classroom are songs that tell about an event in history. You can’t go wrong with sequencing events from the Battle of the Alamo. Here are some songs you might try: Continue Reading

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The Whipping Boy Activities

The Whipping Boy Anchor Chart

Prince Horace, nicknamed Prince Brat, constantly creates mischief. But because of the custom of the time, he does not receive punishment. A whipping boy steps in to receive the whipping. Prince Horace becomes bored with his circumstances, so he forces his whipping boy Jemmy to run away for a little adventure. A couple of cutthroats who want a ransom from the king capture the boys. Read this novel by Sid Fleischman to find out how Prince Horace and Jemmy survive in the hands of these cutthroats.

 Activity #1 ~ Anchor Charts

The day before beginning The Whipping Boy, I displayed the following anchor charts in the classroom. These stayed up for the duration of the novel. As students read, we added character traits. Once we had read approximately half the book, the characters’ main problems were added. At the end of the novel, the solutions to these problems were also added. Continue Reading

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Teaching Compare and Contrast with Songs

Compare and Contrast using Songs

If you wish to wake up students a bit and get them participating in class, try using songs. Songs are a great way to teach a large number of Common Core skills. Right away, you’re probably thinking that you can teach figurative language and other poetic elements; however, you can do much more. Teaching the skill “Compare and Contrast with Songs” can be a fun and a memorial experience for your students.

Compare and Contrast Continue Reading

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The Cay Activities

Story Elements PowerPoint

Set during World War II, The Cay tells the story of Phillip, an American from Virginia. While returning home from Curacao, Germans torpedo Phillip’s ship. Phillip and Timothy find their way to a raft. After floating on the ocean for several days, they land on an island. Timothy says they are in the Devil’s Mouth. Coral reefs surround the island. [This doesn’t sound very promising for a rescue.] Phillip must overcome both mental and physical obstacles to survive.

Your students will love this wonderful book by Theodore Taylor. Continue Reading

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Story Mapping

Story Mapping

Story mapping is a strategy that uses graphic organizers to help students break down text. These visual representations help students examine different components of the story. Creating a story map improves students’ comprehension because they can more easily visualize the framework of a story.

Common Core

Creating a story map helps students practice a large number of Common Core skills as well. Continue Reading

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