The Christmas Pig Novel Activities

The Christmas Pig

Check out The Christmas Pig novel activities to get some ideas for your book unit study. These teaching resources are sure to be a hit with your upper elementary students this holiday season.

Jack awakens to the sounds of voices. The Things in his room have come alive. The Christmas Pig tells Jack that because of the magic of Christmas Eve, they can go to the Land of the Lost and get DP, Jack’s favorite stuffed toy that was lost when his stepsister threw it out of the car window. Jack agrees. He immediately shrinks to the size of the Christmas Pig.

To get to the Land of the Lost, the Christmas Pig and Jack must get lost. As they look for a good place to be lost, Toby-the-dog chases the two. This is just the beginning of their adventure. Jack and the Christmas Pig face many challenges during their trip.

This book is a must-read this holiday season. Students will love cheering Jack and the Christmas Pig on as they travel from one location to another, each with obstacles to overcome. Read The Christmas Pig to see if Jack is successful in his mission.

The Christmas Pig Novel Activities

Novel Study Samples

The Christmas Pig Novel Study Samples

Grab a free sample of The Christmas Pig Novel Study. This sample includes the first vocabulary practice, a set of comprehension questions, and a constructed response question. Answer keys are also included.

Activity #1 – The Christmas Pig Novel Activities – Writing Prompts

Settings in The Christmas Pig

Here are a few ideas for writing prompts.

  1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Finding Nemo, and The Christmas Pig follow the Voyage and Return story plot. In these stories, the main character goes to a strange land and overcomes threats.  Have students select a Voyage and Return story to compare and contrast to The Christmas Pig.
  2.   The settings of The Christmas Pig vary greatly. Have students write descriptive passages using vivid imagery for one or more settings.
  3. Chapter 38 – Have students imagine they are friends with Jeanie who finds the Blue Bunny. Describe what happens to the Blue Bunny after Jeanie finds him in the flowerbed. 
  4. Have students select two “Emotion Characters” such as Power and Poem or Pretense and Beauty and write compare and contrast paragraphs describing the likenesses and differences between the two. 

Activity #2 – The Illustrations

The illustrator of The Christmas Pig, Jim Field, shows students how to draw the Christmas Pig. 

Activity #3 – Author Interview

During the interview, Rowling reads Chapter 13. She also talks about how the story was inspired by her son.

Activity #4 – Word Search Puzzle

Word Search Puzzles

This word search puzzle includes many of the characters in The Christmas Pig. Students will enjoy looking for these words in a challenging puzzle.

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