Inverted Pyramid Story

Teach students how to writing inverted pyramid stories with these free printables.News reporters use an Inverted Pyramid Story to relay information quickly to readers. Both newspapers and web writers use this approach. News is written in order of importance. The most essential information is placed in the lead paragraph. The purpose for writing using this method is to give the reader the most important information first. The reader will understand the story even if he stops reading after a few lines.

Many feel this method of writing was invented shortly after the telegraph. Reporters tried to condense their stories into as few words as possible to keep the cost of sending a story over telegraph wires low. Also if the connection was lost, the most important details would be received.


Today this method of writing has several benefits.

  • Readers can quickly decide it they wish to read the entire article.

  • Editors who must cut down articles due to space can cut away the bottom leaving the most essential information intact.

  • Readers can stop at any point and come away with the main points.

  • Readers can skim through the article more quickly.

The Inverted Pyramid Story Structure

  • The writer begins the story by listing the most important details. Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

  • The next part of the story gives important details.

 Practice using Pyramid Stories.

This download contains the beginnings of real articles from the New York Times. Students highlight ‘The 5 W’s + H’ using six different colors to determine if it is a pyramid story.

Free Pyramid Story Practice - Students highlight ‘The 5 W’s + H’ using six different colors to determine if actual New York Times articles are pyramid stories.


Gay Miller

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