The Secret Garden – Rose Craft

Create this beautiful rose - super simple and fun for students.Students will enjoy creating this beautiful yet super easy rose craft. The rose may be used as a simple craft or used to teach dozens of skills.

Teaching Ideas

Cover for Writings for The Secret Garden

Give students a series of writing prompts. The writings may be turned into a book using the rose as a cover. Here is a list of prompts:

  • Write a character description for each of the main characters: Mary, Dickon, Martha, Ben, Mrs. Medlock, Dr. Craven, Colin, and Archibald Craven.
  • How have Mary and Colin changed over the course of the book?
  • Make a timeline of the circumstances that influenced Mary or Colin. What caused them to behave badly?
  • Compare and contrast Mary and Colin. How are they alike and different?
  • Would you rather be Colin or Mary? Explain.
  • Whose problems were the most severe, Mary or Colin? Explain why using proof from text.
  • Rewrite the story using a different setting.
    • Examples
      • 2017 instead of 1909
      • United States instead of Yorkshire
  • Compare two versions of The Secret Garden. What are the pros and cons of each version?
  • Write a conversation between two of the characters.


Have students create leaves without the vein lines. On the leaves, students can write information.

  • Examples
    • Write figurative phrases from the story.
    • Write vocabulary words and definitions.
    • Each student is assigned a vocabulary word. Students write synonyms on the leaves.

Rose Craft - Patterns and instructions are included.

The Secret Garden CraftivityFlower with Text

Turn your page landscape. Place the flower on one side and add a short text to the other side of the page. Here are some ideas.

  • an inspirational quote from the story
  • Write a poem about the garden.
  • Use vivid imagery to describe the garden.


Gay Miller

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    • Vanessa on December 7, 2017 at 10:39 pm

    This is so cool and super easy to do. I think even my noncrafty kids will enjoy doing this. Thanks for the idea.

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