The Westing Game Book Unit Activities

Teaching Ideas to use with the novel The Westing Game

Newbery Medal winner The Westing Game will keep the reader guessing “who did it” from beginning to end. The story opens with Barney Northrup selling apartments at the Sunset Towers. Only a selected group of tenants receive an invitation to purchase the luxury estate at affordable prices.

Once the tenants move in, sixteen are invited to a reading of Sam Westing’s will. The heir who can figure out how he died wins Westing’s entire fortune.

This page-turner takes many unexpected twists and turns. Not until the last chapter will the reader know the guilty party.

Book Activities

Book Trailer

Wanted Posters

The Westing Game Wanted Poster

Use Storyboard This to create wanted posters for each of the 16 heirs.

3-D Setting Organizer

3D Setting Organizer for The Westing GameI love this idea by Susie Rios. Students not only draw the characters but write about them inside the window flaps.

Character Trait Cards

Free Character Trait CardsWith so many suspects, students get confused about who is who. Download this free set of cards (including an answer key) to help students


  • Sort the character cards by the places the characters live, families they belong to, etc.
  • Use the cards to discuss suspects.
  • Make a T-Chart on a large piece of construction paper. Sort cards by guilty or not guilty as evidence is revealed.

Book Unit Samples

To prevent you from having to download multiple samples, I included everything in one download. The file includes the following

#1 ~ Sunset Towers Organizer

Free Printable to use with The Westing Game

#2 ~ Free Samples from The Westing Game Book Unit

Free Samples from The Westing Game Book Unit

#3 ~ Lesson 1 for Writing a Mystery

This graphic organizer helps students figure out the housing arrangements of Sunset Towers.

Try out the first lesson of


The Westing Game Book Unit The Westing Game

The Westing Game Book Unit contains graphic organizers for an interactive notebook and game activities covering vocabulary, comprehension questions, constructed response writing, and skill practice.

Writing a Mystery UnitWriting a Mystery ~ A Common Core Unit

For teachers who would like just the Writing a Mystery without the full The Westing Game Book Unit, I have a product for you. 
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