Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ~ Grammar

Free Grammar Printables with an Alice in Wonderland Theme

Are you looking for a fun way to cover the parts of speech? As part of the free Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Book Unit, grammar practice is provided. This practice covers a number of Common Core State Standards. All eight parts of speech are included. Each lesson includes a printable practice exercise. Full page answer keys make grading students’ work easy. Three reference pages are also provided. One for adjective rules. A second is a guide for adverbs. Bookmarks with editing symbols are fun for the students to use. These bookmarks can be used throughout the school year. Get all activities using the link below.

Download your grammar printables here.


Chapters 1-9 include practice exercises with different skills. Practice includes the following:

  • Prepositional Phrases [Chapter 1]. Students locate prepositional phrases in sentences, cross them out, and then identify the simple subject and verb phrase.
  • Verb Tenses [Chapter 2]. Students fill in blank spaces in sentences with the correct verb form.
  • Nouns [Chapter 3].  Students identify direct objects. Lesson 4 builds on this activity.
  • Troublesome Verbs [Chapter 4]. Students practice using sit/set, rise/raise, and lie/lay. 
  • Interjections [Chapter 5].  Students add interjections to sentences. They also correctly capitalize and punctuate sentences containing interjections.
  • Conjunctions [Chapter 6]. Students select the best conjunctions to complete sentences. 
  • Adjectives [Chapter 7].  Students add adjectives to simple sentences.
  • Adverbs [Chapter 8].  Students select the best adverb from a list to complete sentences.
  • Pronouns [Chapter 9].  Students select the best pronoun to complete sentences.

These practice pages use direct quotes from the book as well as sentences based on the book. 

Free Grammar Reference GuidesFree Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Book Unit
If you missed the link above, here it is again.

Download your grammar printables here.


The best place to begin collecting your book unit is with the free Vocabulary Resource at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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