Free Interactive Science Organizers

Free Interactive Science Organizers

Are you looking for some new interactive science organizers? This post features three free ones. Your students will enjoy all three. The first helps students visualize the moon phases. Number 2 of the interactive science organizers is a 3D popup of the water cycle. Students will have a blast gluing dots to represent gas molecules in the atmosphere on the third organizer. Be sure to collect all three. Because these organizers were created at different times, you will find them in three different links. Look for the large bold purple links.

Moon Phases Organizer

In this eight-page sample from Earth’s Place in the Universe Interactive Organizers, you will receive the following:

    • Two Mini Posters ~ The first is a diagram of the Lunar Phases. The second is a mnemonic device to help students remember which side of the moon is lit during the first and last phases.
    • An Interactive Lunar Phase Organizer (Two versions, one blank and one completed, are included.)
    • A Yummy Teaching Idea – An idea for how to create edible lunar phases with Moon Pies. YUM!
    • A “Check for Understanding” printable for students to show their knowledge of the lunar phases.
Free Interactive Science Organizers - Lunar Cycle Organizer

What a fun interactive organizer this is!

Notice that each flap lifts up so students can visualize how the moon would look from the angle of Earth.

Here is what students do.
1) On each of the eight tabs, write the moon phase above the circle shape and the days this phase takes place in the lunar cycle under the circle shape. Using a black crayon, shade each circle so that it accurately shows the amount of the moon visible from Earth during its phase.
2) Cut out the organizer and glue the middle portion only onto your organizer notebook so that the tabs may be lifted up to view the moon. On your organizer notebook page, draw the sun and write a title for your page.

A page of questions about the lunar cycle is also included along with an answer key.

Get this eight-page free sample by clicking here.

Free Lunar Phases Interactive Organizer

Water Cycle Pop-Up Organizer

Free Interactive Science Organizers - Water Cycle Organizers

Free Interactive Science Organizers - Water Cycle Organizers

This download includes 4 organizers.

  1. Water Cycle Pop-Up – Create this simple pop-up organizer with only three pattern pieces. When using the blackline version, have students color and label the pieces before assembling.
  2. The Water Cycle – Students define evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and surface runoff.
  3. Types of Precipitation – This hexagon organizer has room for students to define 6 types of precipitation.
  4. Ground Water – Students list information about how long water stays in ice, the ground, oceans, and the atmosphere.

Get the free Water Cycle Organizer on TPT by following this link.

 Atmospheric Gases

Gases in the Atmospheric Layers Interactive Organizers

The next time you empty the punched-out circles from your hole punch, save the paper circles for this activity. The punched circles will become gas molecules. (Students will need three colors of punched circles to represent nitrogen, oxygen, and other gases.)

  • Students will label the layers of the atmosphere: troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, and thermosphere. They then label the borders: tropopause, stratopause, and mesopause.
  • Next, students will glue the punched circles onto the page to represent molecules in the atmosphere.


Download this file with everything you need to complete this activity.

Free Interactive Science Organizers - Gases in the Atmosphere Organizer


If you are looking for more great science organizers, you may wish to take a look at one of these products by visiting Teachers Pay Teachers.

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