Frindle Teaching Ideas

Activities to do with the Novel Frindle by Andrew Clements

If you are looking for Frindle teaching ideas, this is the place to visit. You’ll find printables, lesson plans, and novel study samples.

Frindle by Andrew Clements is the humorous story of a fifth-grade boy. Nick comes up with the idea to start calling an ink pen a frindle. His teacher, Mrs. Granger, makes a huge deal when Nick and his classmates use the word frindle in class. Large groups of students begin to stay after school to write punishment sentences. This causes the principal to pay a visit to Nick’s home. Excitement over the word spreads all over town. Before long, Nick has created a tidal wave that seems to keep growing. This is a must-read book for upper elementary students.

 Frindle Teaching Ideas

Frindle Unit Samples

Frindle Teaching Ideas

Grab your novel study samples including vocabulary, comprehension questions, and constructed response writing prompt here.

You can get the book unit sample by clicking the button.

Teaching Idea #1 – Audio Version

Jeannie from Storytime with Miss Jeannie has recorded the entire Frindle novel in three chapter segments. The quality of these videos is excellent. This link goes to all of the
Storytime with Miss Jeannie
‘s YouTube channel. At her site, you will also find recordings of Charlotte’s Web, James and the Giant Peach, The Great Gilly Hopkins, Sideways Stories from Wayside School, The Wizard of Oz, Fantastic Mr. Fox, No Talking, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and The Witches

Teaching Idea #2 – Activities on the Web

Teaching Idea #3 – Boom Learning

Each deck offers a variety of question types, including multiple-choice, multiple-select, drag-and-drop, and fill-in-the-blanks. After students read a chapter from Frindle, they complete a deck. These decks average 11 cards making them a quick way to check comprehension. 

How often have you wanted to throw away the large stack of papers your students have turned in to grade? Boom is paperless. Did I mention these are not only interactive but self-grading as well? 

Frindle Teaching Ideas
Frindle Teaching Ideas

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Frindle Novel Study

Frindle Novel Study includes vocabulary practice, comprehension questions, constructed response writing, and skill practice.  

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