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Activities to do with the Novel Tuck Everlasting

Are you looking for Tuck Everlasting activities to add to your novel study? This post includes anchor chart ideas along with a constructed response question to make the chart interactive. You’ll also find a novel study sample. 

Tuck Everlasting is about ten-year-old Winnie who is stifled by the strict rules her family has set. She decides to run away into the nearby woods. There she finds the Tucks. This family is extremely different from her own. The anchor chart below helps students see some of these differences.

Activities for Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting Unit Samples

Tuck Everlasting Novel Study

Check out the Tuck Everlasting Book Unit with these free samples including vocabulary and comprehension and constructed response questions.

You can get the free book unit sample by clicking the button.

Tuck Everlasting Anchor Chart

Tuck Everlasting Anchor Chart

This anchor chart pairs with the constructed response question. You will find a copy of this question along with the answer key by clicking on the GET UNIT SAMPLE button above. 

Notice that this anchor chart is completed with sticky notes. Using sticky notes is a great way to have students add information to the chart. Simply give each student in the class a sticky note to complete and add to the chart. Later remove duplicate answers. 

Using sticky notes also means that the anchor chart can be used over and over again with different groups of students.

Ways to Use the Graphic Organizer

Option 1

Constructed Response Question Comparing Families

Have students use the graphic organizer for notes. Notice the notes in the photo above are not in complete sentences. Glue the organizer to the left side of the notebook page. On the right side of the notebook, students use the notes to write the details in paragraph form.

Option 2

Students complete the organizer by writing complete sentences.


Tuck Everlasting is full of symbolism. Students will begin thinking about life and death including the best ways to live life. This quote is just of sample of what the novel entails, “Don’t be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life. You don’t have to live forever, you just have to live.”

Another important concept is the idea that life is like a Ferris wheel. This graphic organizer helps students begin their thoughts at the beginning of the novel. This organizer is also included in the sample handout.


Different Versions of Tuck Everlasting

The audio version of the book is a great way to differentiate instruction. Ame Hamilton reads the entire book. Find her playlist.

This is the audio version of the Broadway Cast Recording. The quality is excellent. I recommend selecting one song to compare to the text version of the story. Ask students to explain how the song version chances the story.

This video is Coal City High School’s 2019 production of Tuck Everlasting.

The trailer of the 2002 Walt Disney movie provides enough of a glimpse for students to compare settings in the movie version to the play. 

Tuck Everlasting Activities on the Web

Teaching Ideas to use with the novel Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt
Tuck Everlasting Anchor Chart

See the product that inspired this post.

Tuck Everlasting Novel Study

Tuck Everlasting Book Unit contains graphic organizers for an interactive notebook and game activities. Vocabulary, constructed response writing, and skill practice are all included.  

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