The Civil War

Seal of the Confederate States of America

Lesson 10 

North vs. South

Great Seal of the United States

Everyone thought the war wouldn't last long. Lincoln asked volunteers to sign up for only three months.

The Southerners were fighting for a way of life they believed in. They thought England would help them because they used a lot of the cotton the South grew. Many Southerners deserted the army because they didn't have the things they needed for fighting.

The Northerners had more men, more factories, and more weapons. The Northern military leaders were weaker than the Southern leaders. They later became as good with training.United States Outline Map



favored slavery

opposed slavery

felt they were fighting a second war of independence

felt they were fighting a war to free the slaves

made living from small farms and plantations

made living from factories and trade

wanted to lower taxes on goods

wanted to raise taxes on European goods so Southerners would buy Northern products

believed in states' rights

believed that the Union must be saved above all else

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