Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Chapter 05

Alice's Adventure in Wonderland - Chapter 5

Have students read and complete the vocabulary practice found in the handout. Next, students read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Chapter 5 “Advice from a Caterpillar.” using the text below, the audio version, or printable found in the handout. Finally, students complete the comprehension exercises.

Where should I begin?

Begin by downloading this FREE resource from Teachers Pay Teachers. This packet contains the materials you will need to turn the weekly blog posts into a full book unit.

Chapter 5 Advice from a Caterpillar Summary

After rushing away from the White Rabbit’s house, Alice comes upon a Caterpillar. He tells her about the mushroom’s properties, one side will help her grow larger, and the other will help her shrink. Armed with the mushroom, Alice walks through the woods. As she nibbles on the mushroom, Alice’s neck grows until her head is high above the trees. A Pigeon flies by and thinks Alice is a serpent. With a lot of struggling to reach her hand, Alice is able to eat the correct mushroom and shrink to her normal size.

Chapter 5 Advice from a Caterpillar Comprehension

The download includes free printables. The first is a short answer/multiple choice page with a full-page answer key. The second is the parody found in Chapter 5 plus the original poem for comparison. The third is a constructed response question with a graphic organizer for planning. This question asks students to compare illustrations of the Caterpillar. Nine illustrations are included for this purpose.

Download Chapter 5 here.

Sample Pages of Free Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Book Unit Advice from a Caterpillar

FREE Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Book Unit

Reminder: The best place to begin collecting your book unit is with the free Vocabulary Resource at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


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