Teaching James and the Giant Peach

Teaching James and the Giant Peach

James is a lonely boy who lives with cruel aunts after his parents die by a rhinoceros. One day an Old Man appears in James’s backyard and gives him a bag of magical green crystals. He gives him instructions on how to use these crystals. James falls and spills the magical green crystals on the ground. He is upset that he ‘wasted’ such a valuable gift. Soon a giant peach grows where the crystals have fallen. James goes inside the peach and discovers it is full of seven friendly giant-sized insects. One day the peach rolls away and lands in the ocean killing James’s mean aunts in the process.

Activities to use with the Book

Activity #1 ~ Classroom Display

Teacher’s Pet is a website based out of England. They have resources for James and the Giant Peach to sell, but their classroom display printables are free. 

Free Classroom Display Items for James and the Giant Peach from Teacher's Pet

Activity #2 ~ Coloring

SuperColoring.com offers six coloring pages. These would make great covers for reports or a work packet. 

James and the Giant Peach Coloring Pages from SuperColoring.com

Activity #3 ~ Word Search

Activity Village has a printable word search. It comes in color as well a black and white.James and the Giant Peach form Activity Village

Activity #4 [Free Samples]

Click the image below to download this free sample from my book unit.

Free Samples form James and the Giant Peach Book Unit

Do you need additional teaching resources? Check out James and the Giant Peach Book Unit

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