Peter Pan Book Unit ~ Context Clues

Peter Pan Context Clues Resources

Students can figure out the meaning of an unfamiliar word by using context clues. By using other words and sentences near the unfamiliar word, along with your knowledge of the topic, students can get a good idea of what the new word means.

Free Peter Pan Book Unit ~ Each week collect one resource until you have the complete Peter Pan Book Unit.


Peter Pan Context Clues Organizers

Two context clues foldable graphic organizers are included in the pdf file. Three versions of these organizers are provided depending on the needs of your students: one with blanks for students to write the definitions and examples; one with the definition provided but with blank spaces for students to write in key words; and one with the answers provided. The third copy of the organizer may be used as an answer key, for differentiated instruction, for students who were absent during instruction, or if you wish for the students to have cards already completed.

Click the image below to receive the download.

Two FREE Peter pan Context Clues Foldable Graphic Organizers covering Eight Types of Context CluesPeter Pan Context Clues Task Cards

After completing the graphic organizers, students can practice using context clues with a set of 24 task cards. These cards may are extremely flexible. You can use them in a learning center, for small group instruction, or for playing Scoot.

These task cards are in the same download as the foldable organizers. You can click the image above or the image below to download the activities.

Set of 24 Peter Pan Context Clues Task Cards

Free Peter Pan Book Unit



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