Part 6: Auggie

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Chapter 83 ~ The Auggie Doll

Beulah was a made-up person that me and Jack came up with. She had really gross habits, like eating the green stuff in between her toes and sucking on her knuckles. And we figured someone like that would have a real crush on Julian, who looked and acted like someone in a KidzBop commercial.

Kidz Bop 2


Chapter 84 ~ Lobot

“I can’t wear that, Mom,” I whined.
“You’ll hardly notice them,” said Mom, trying to be cheerful. “They look like headphones.”
“Headphones? Look at them, Mom!” I said angrily. “I’ll look like Lobot!”
“Which one is Lobot?” said Mom calmly.
“Lobot?” The ear doctor smiled as he looked at the headphones and made some adjustments. “The Empire Strikes Back? The bald guy with the cool bionic radio-transmitter thing that wraps around the back of his skull?”

Lobots Biotech Aj^6 Cyborg Headband


Our Town by Thornton Wilder

Emily Webb's goodbye



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