Part 4: Jack

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Chaptr 62 ~ In Science

And then in my head I was going, Oh noooooo! like that kid in Home Alone with his mouth hanging open and his hands on his face.

Home Alone


Chapter 63 ~ Partners

Blah blah blah. Partners. Blah blah. It was like the way grown-ups talk in Charlie Brown movies. Like someone talking underwater. Mwah-mwah-mwahhh, mwah mwahh.

Charlie Brown's Spelling Bee with the School Teacher's voice


Chapter 73 ~ The Boyfriend

“Justin’s a fiddler,” said Via. “He’s in a zydeco band.”
“What the heck is a zydeco band?” said Auggie, looking at me.
“It’s a type of music,” said Justin. “Like Creole music.”
“What’s Creole?” I said.
“You should tell people that’s a machine gun,” said Auggie. “Nobody would ever mess with you.”
“Ha, I guess you’re right,” Justin said, nodding and tucking his hair behind his ears. “Creole’s the kind of music they play in Louisiana,” he said to me.

Buckwheat Zydeco - Hey Good Lookin'



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