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From Chapter 36 ~ High School

They’ve known August since he was a little baby. When we were little, our favorite thing to do was play dress up with Auggie; load him up with feather boas and big hats and Hannah Montana wigs. He used to love it, of course, and we thought he was adorably cute in his own way. Ella said he reminded her of E.T. She didn’t say this to be mean, of course (though maybe it was a little bit mean). The truth is, there’s a scene in the movie when Drew Barrymore dresses E.T. in a blond wig: and that was a ringer for Auggie in our Miley Cyrus heyday.

E. T. Trailer


Chapter 37 ~ Major Tom

Even as we got older, Miranda always made sure to try to include August in our conversations, ask him how he was doing,
talk to him about Avatar or Star Wars or Bone or something she knew he liked.

Bone by Jeff Smith


Avatar: The Last Airbender: Super Deformed Shorts: School Time Shopping!



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