The Sign of the Beaver

by Elizabeth George Speare

The Sign of the Beaver

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Book Information

Publication Date: February 1983

Reading Level: Lexile Measure 770L, Scholastic Guided Reading Level T

Interest Level: Grades 3-5

Major Awards: 1984 Newbery Honor

Number of Pages: 148 pages

Approximate Word Count: 41,175 words -- The average reader will spend 2 hours and 44 minutes reading The Sign of the Beaver at 250 words per minute.*

Audible Book Length: 3 hrs and 11 mins

Book Themes: Coming of Age, Isolation, Prejudice, Man and the Natural World, Friendship, Fear, Family

Genre: Young Adult Literature; Coming-of-Age; Historical Fiction

Setting: 18th-century Maine wilderness off the Penobscot River

Important Quote: The two boys stood and looked at each other. There was no amusement and no scorn in Attean's eyes. How very strange, Matt thought. After all the brave deeds he had dreamed of doing to win this boy's respect, he had gained it at last by doing nothing, just by staying here and refusing to leave.

First Line: Matt stood at the edge of the clearing for some time after his father had gone out of sight among the trees.

Point of View: Third Person, Limited to Matthew Hollowell

*Estimate from Reading Length

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