The Indian in the Cupboard

by Lynne Reid Banks

The Indian in the Cupboard

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Book Information

Publication Date: 1980

Reading Level: Lexile Measure 780L, Scholastic Guided Reading Level R

Interest Level: Grades 4 - 8

Major Awards: The New York Times' 1981 review "BOOKS: Best for Children" called it the "best novel of the year".

Number of Pages: 191 pages

Audible Book Length: 4 hrs and 20 mins

Book Themes: Historical Consciousness of the American Western Frontier in the early 1800s, Love

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, First in a Series of Four, Adventure

Setting: America, Current Time - The book takes place in a neighborhood where children play outdoors.

Important Quote: ...the fun of keeping things in them. He was not a very tidy boy in general, but he did like arranging things in cupboards and drawers and then opening them later and finding them just as he’d left them.

First Line: It was not that Omri didn’t appreciate Patrick’s birthday present to him.

Point of View: Third-Person Limited

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