Student Research Paper Raccoons


Student Research Paper Raccoons


     The raccoon is a furry animal that has a bushy ringed tail. It has a band of black hair around its eyes. The black hair looks like a mask.

     Seven species of raccoons live in the world. The northern raccoon is 30 to 38 inches long. They weigh 12 to 25 pounds.


     Raccoons have stiff, long hair. The hair is generally gray with yellow or brown. Raccoons have tails which are 12 inches long. A raccoon's tail has from 5 to 7 rings. They also have a pointed snout and long flexible fingers. They have sharp claws.


     Raccoons live in North and South America. They live on both the ground and it trees.  Some live alone and others live in small family groups. Each raccoon has a home range. The home range is about 200 acres. The adult mail may roam about 2 miles from this range. 

     Raccoons stay in their dens during the day. Raccoons that live in wooded areas have their dens in a hollow log, stump, or in a tree. They also make their homes in abandoned barns or farmhouses. In marshy areas that have no trees raccoons make their nests in the high grass.

     Raccoons live in North and South America. Raccoons that live in the north sleep for long periods of time during the winter, but they do not hibernate.


     Both the northern and crab eating raccoons eat crabs. They also eat crayfish, frogs, and other fresh water animals.  Raccoons eat turtles, eggs, acorns, birds, corn,  fruit, nuts, and small land animals such as grasshoppers and mice. The raccoon dunks its food in the water before eating it.


Baby raccoons are born in the spring. Mothers have one to seven babies. The newborn raccoon has no mask around its eyes or rings on its tail. The babies do not open their eyes until 20 days after they are born. The babies stay in the den until they are 8 to 10 weeks old. Then the mother teaches her young to feed and protect themselves. In the beginning of winter the young find dens of their own.