Vocabulary Practice for Week 2











  1. What does addled mean in the following sentence?

His pappy must be addled just to stand idly by while somebody burned down the farm.


  1. Give a synonym from the list above for guard as it is used in the following sentence.

The guard passed, but still Chris lay there.


  1. Antonyms of the word reprove include approve, compliment, flatter, praise, and reward. Which of the following is a synonym of reprove?

a.  bewildered
b.  reprimand
c.  proper
d.  stir up

  1. Choose the best word to complete the sentence from the vocabulary list above.

Chris walked down the ____________.

  1. Which word can replace the words necessitate in the following sentence? Use a word from the list above.

Them fellers is up to no good, and it would necessitate us to lay low.

  1. Complete the following analogy:

Big is to little as put to sleep is to _________.

big : little :: put to sleep : ____________.

  1. Guess where I sat a long time last night,
    Up in the ___________ my heart did ache
    To see the hole the fox did make. ------
    (A tree branch, especially a large or main branch)

a.  sky
b.  boughs
c.  air
d.  tree

  1. Give a synonym for shallow in the following sentence from the list above.

It ain't a fit subject for shallow talk.


  1. Complete the word web.

Word Web

  1. Choose the best word from the list above to complete the sentence.

His pappy must be ___________ just to stand idly by while somebody burned down the farm.

  1. What are the two meanings of flounder in the following sentences?

Even the moonlight wasn't much help to him, and he floundered around like a three-legged cow.


The flounder hide deep in the water trying to keep out of the way of the fisherman's hook.


  1. Complete the word web.

Word Web

Answer Key

  1. Possible answers:  muddled confused, befuddled, bewildered, mixed up, punchy, rattled, shook, shook up, unglued

  2. sentry

  3. b.  reprimand

  4. dogtrot

  5. behoove

  6. rouse

  7. b.  boughs

  8. idle

  9. counter

  10. addled

  11. a.  To make clumsy attempts to move or regain one's balance; struggle, thrash, wallow
    b.  A flatfish

  12. behoove