The Perilous Road

Map of Tennessee


Vocabulary Words of the Day - reprove and boughs

reprove - To voice or convey disapproval of; take to task, reprimand, scold, chide, reproach
Page 88 - "Oh, now, Sallie Jean," Mrs. Barbson reproved her.

boughs - A tree branch, especially a large or main branch 
Page 94 - 
Guess where I sat a long time last night,
Up in the boughs my heart did ache
To see the hole the fox did make.


Civil War Literature Unit

Lesson 9 - The Confederacy is Formed and Fort Sumter
1 A Picture Book of Robert E. Lee
by David A. Adler
AR Reading Level 5.7  Point Value  0.5

Lesson 10 - North vs. South



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