The Perilous Road

Map of Tennessee


Vocabulary Words of the Day - pertness and bluff

pertness - inappropriate playfulness, sassiness, feistiness, mischief, liveliness
Page 4 - Then scraping off the hair, that was a job to take the pertness plumb out of a body.

bluff - A high, steep bank, as by a river or the sea, or beside a ravine or plain; a cliff with a broad face.
Page 8 - Shoot him and shove him right off the bluff and wouldn't nobody ever know, just me and Silas, and we wouldn't tell.


Activity 1 Setting of the Book

The story is set on Walden's Ridge by Signal Mountain in Tennessee. Using a US map find the location of Signal Mountain. What is this area of Tennessee like? Find the elevation, climate, photos of the region.


The Perilous Road






















Activity 2 Confederate Generals

Confederate General Joseph Wheeler was mentioned in the author's note at the beginning of the book and Confederate General Braxton Bragg was mentioned in this chapter. Learn more about each of  these Confederate generals and the campaigns mentioned in the book.

Confederate General Joseph Wheeler
Author's Note  "...there can be no doubt that Confederate General Joseph Wheeler led a devastating cavalry raid on the Federal wagon train in Sequatchie Valley, October 2, 1863."

Confederate General Braxton Bragg
Page 10 "How come the Yankees are running around loose? Up at Grassy Cove we heared tell General Bragg had them sealed up inside Chattanooga like a frog in a bottle. Has Bragg got 'em or ain't he?"



Civil War Literature Unit

Lesson 1 - The Compromise of 1850
1 Now Let Me Fly: The Story of a Slave Family 
by Dolores Johnson, Delores Johnson (Illustrator)
AR Reading Level 3.6  Point Value 0.5

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