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10 Christmas Compare and Contrast Writing Prompts

Engage students with these 10 Christmas Compare and Contrast Writing Prompts.

Are you looking for some new activities to add to your lesson plans? Check out these 10 Christmas compare and contrast writing prompts. Better yet, they come in both printable and Google slide versions. The paragraphs, as well as the responses, are short making these prompts great for morning review, an entry or exit activity, or learning center assignment.

Here is where you will find handouts for Christmas Compare and Contrast Writing Prompts.


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Teaching Firsthand and Secondhand Accounts

Firsthand vs Secondhand

One important skill for fourth and fifth graders is to know the differences between firsthand and secondhand accounts. This skill is not difficult for students to understand with a little practice. Continue Reading

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Teaching Writer’s Voice

Writer's Voice

A writer’s voice is the combination of sentence structure, punctuation, word choice, and personality a person uses when writing. It is the way a writer expresses himself. The voice can be formal or informal. A writer’s voice may contain long elegant prose or short choppy sentences.

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Writing Hooks for Informative Writing

Writing Hooks for Informative Writing

Before students begin writing informative essays, it is important to teach them the steps in the process. Writing hooks for informative writing is one of the skills that students must learn. Good luck! Students can write amazing hooks with just a little practice.

Writing Hooks for Informative Writing – Step #1

Begin by teaching students to look at some exemplary texts. Ask questions about how the essays begin. List different ways students find in the essays. Next provide students with a list they can use. Here are some ways they can hook a reader. The anchor chart is a great reference for students to refer to as they begin writing. Continue Reading

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Six Activities to Teach Formal vs Informal Language

Formal vs. Informal

For some students, knowing when to use formal or informal language comes naturally. For others, it is a skill that must be taught in steps. This post offers six teaching ideas from recognizing what is formal and informal to creating formal and informal texts. Start by getting the handout Formal vs Informal Language using the link below.

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Writing a Thesis Statement

Free Lesson on Writing a Thesis Statement

Writing a thesis statement is an extremely difficult skill for some students. This post provides step-by-step instructions. Student-friendly language helps students understand the concepts. To learn the rules, students watch a Google Slide presentation. While watching, they complete organizers. The printable organizers may be placed in an interactive notebook. Digital organizers are also provided. They may be housed on Google Drive. Students may use these organizers as reference tools any time they write essays.

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Writing for an Audience

Writing for a Specific Audience - Free Mini Lesson

Most students can grasp the concept of changing the way they write or speak depending on whom they are addressing in just a small mini-lesson. This post offers free materials to teach the lesson. Included is a PowerPoint, card activity, Boom Learning Deck. You will also find foldable organizer. In no time your students will be able to write and speak to a specific audience. This includes using both formal and informal speech.

Teaching this lesson is super important as it is addressed in a large number of Common Core State Standards. Continue Reading

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