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Four Corners – A Teaching Strategy

Teach the Four Corners Strategy using these prompts for the book Wonder.

What is Four Corners?

Four Corners is a teaching strategy that provides students with the opportunity to discuss controversial topics. The teacher asks students a question or provides a debatable statement. Students then express their opinion to the topic by moving into groups with students who have similar opinions.

How to Implement this Strategy

  1. The teacher prepares the activity by taking four pieces of paper. Label each piece with one of the following: strongly agree, agree, disagree, or strongly disagree. Post these pieces of paper in the four corners of the room. Continue Reading

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Wonder by R. J.Palacio

Free Printable Sample Question from Wonder by R. J. Wonder Book Unit

I first read the book Wonder while on vacation at the beach. I just couldn’t put the book down, so I ended up spending a good bit of the day sitting under an umbrella reading. Through laughter and tears, I followed Auggie through his fifth grade year. My first impression was that Palacio was a fantastic writer. Her story telling was spot on. I knew right away that I would read this book with my students the upcoming year. The lessons taught . . . . acceptance, anti-bullying, friendship, being kind . . . . are so valuable. All students need to experience them through a good book.

Once I began creating a unit for the book, I began to love the book Wonder in new ways. The author brilliantly included so many teachable moments. Continue Reading

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