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Digital Flashcard Apps


When I started researching for this post, my mind came up with dozens of ideas for using digital flashcard apps. Naturally, you can use flashcards for vocabulary and definitions. But the other possibilities are endless. Imagine, as teachers develop lessons, they create sets of cards that cover their lecture notes at the same time. This would take just a few extra minutes as the details are already typed up. After teachers use traditional means to teach the facts, they assign the cards for students to study.

Decks can contain anything from simple multiplication fact practice to learning complex sets of information such as features of each planet in our solar system. History teachers can create cards with famous people and their accomplishments or events and their significance. Are you beginning to think of ideas too? Continue Reading

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Crossword Puzzle Generators

Making Free Crossword Puzzles


Literally, billions of crossword puzzles can be found online or in teacher resource books, but they often don’t fit the words you are studying. In this post, I have reviewed six free crossword puzzle generators. I hope these reviews will help you find the site that best fits your needs. Continue Reading

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FREE BINGO ~ Which Card Generator is Right for You?

Making Free Bingo Cards - Which Bingo Generator is Right for You?

Playing BINGO is a terrific way to teach skills in the classroom. By playing a quick game, students can practice everything from fractions to vocabulary. The possibilities are endless.

You will find reviews for seven online generators. I only included sites that require no downloads and are free. See which site will work best for your needs.  Continue Reading

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