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Using Animated Shorts to Teach Summarizing

Teaching Reading and Writing Skills with Animated Short Films

If you are looking to add some high interest activities to your summarizing lessons, try using animated shorts to teach reading skills.¬†This post contains the animated short “Peck Pocketed” found on Youtube and inserted in this post. You can also download a handout¬†containing a graphic organizer to help students write a “Somebody Wanted But So” statement.

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Summarizing Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen

Teaching Ideas to Use with Woods Runner

Summarizing Booklets

In this free printable, you will receive six mini-books that students can use to summarize Woods Runner.
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Strategies for Teaching Summarizing

Summarizing on Pinterest

Strategies for Teaching Summarizing

#1 Who, What, Where, Why, and How

  • Who is the primary person/character?

  • What is the most important event or detail? What caused the event to occur? Continue Reading

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