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Teach Suffixes with these Activities and Ideas

Free Activity for Google Slides

Are you looking for some activities to teach suffixes? Check out these free materials including activities for Google Slides, anchor charts and a PowerPoint.

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Peter Pan Book Unit ~ Word Study

Peter Pan Word Study ~ Free Peter Pan Book Unit ~ Each week collect one resource until you have the complete Peter Pan Book Unit.

Peter Pan Word Study 

Peter Pan Word Study Organizers (Prefixes and Suffixes)

This set of activities can be completed as part of your Peter Pan Book Unit or completely independent from the book. Begin your study by having students create foldable graphic organizers for the prefixes and suffixes. The unit focuses on the following: Continue Reading

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Prefix and Suffix Puzzles

Students will enjoy this free

In this activity, students practice creating words with prefixes and suffixes  using context clues. Here’s how the activity works: Continue Reading

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Teaching Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root Words

Free Printable Foldable Organizer

Teaching Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root Words

Teaching Tip #1 Memorization

Memorizing lists is not the most effective way to teach prefixes, suffixes, and root words. Sure, many students can learn definitions and pass a quiz. This helps little with application. Definitions are soon forgotten.

Teaching Tip # Association

Students will remember prefixes, suffixes and root words if they can associate them with words they already know. For instance, most students know that equal means same size, quantity, or value. Knowing this will help students remember the Latin Root equ/equi. It means same, equal, similar, and even. With this association, students can break down additional words to figure out their meanings. Continue Reading

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