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Free Activities for Greek and Latin Roots

Monday Activity ~ Students discuss the root word of the week using the Anchor Chart and complete the first page of their practice booklet.

Teach students Greek and Latin roots with short [10-minute] daily activities. Students practice one root word each week. Daily practice includes foldable organizers, practice exercises, or games.

Each root comes with an anchor chart. Just print, cut out, and paste. In just a few minutes your are ready to go. Continue Reading

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Peter Pan Book Unit ~ Word Study

Peter Pan Word Study ~ Free Peter Pan Book Unit ~ Each week collect one resource until you have the complete Peter Pan Book Unit.

Peter Pan Word Study 

Peter Pan Word Study Organizers (Prefixes and Suffixes)

This set of activities can be completed as part of your Peter Pan Book Unit or completely independent from the book. Begin your study by having students create foldable graphic organizers for the prefixes and suffixes. The unit focuses on the following: Continue Reading

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Root Words Spoons Game

Playing Spoons is a great way to practice skills. This FREE game provides practice with root words.

Playing “Spoons”” is a great way to practice skills. Here’s how to play:

Playing the Game
The spoons are placed in the center of the table within reach of all players and four cards are dealt to each player. Players take one card from the four dealt and pass it the player on the left. The player then receives a card passed from the player on their right. All players simultaneously pass a single unwanted card face down to their left, and then take the card that the player to their right passed to them. This continues until someone collects a matching set of four. [Four cards containing the same root word.]
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