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Teaching Suffixes

This vocabulary lesson on suffixes includes a free organizer and digital resource. 4th, 5th, and 6th graders will love these fun activities. This lesson covers the definition and spelling rules for -able/-ible and -ion/-ation/-sion/-tion suffixes appropriate for upper elementary students.

Are you looking for some activities for teaching suffixes? Check out these free materials including activities for Google Slides, videos, anchor charts and PowerPoints.

Teaching students some common suffixes can increase their vocabularies tremendously. The suffixes -s/-es, -ed, -ing, -ly, -er/-or, -ion/-tion/-ation/-tion, and -ible/-able account for 72 percent of suffixed words. Teaching these 7 suffixes is a must. This first activity goes over the rules for using variations of -ible/-able and -ion. Continue Reading

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