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Six Ideas for Teaching Point of View

Check out these 6 ways to teach point of view including free downloadable activities.

Teaching points of view can be both challenging and fun. The Common Core State Standards includes a Point of View standard for each upper elementary grade level.

Compare and contrast the point of view from which different stories are narrated, including the difference between first- and third-person narrations.
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Paintbrushes & Arrows + A Free Point of View Activity

Paintbrushes and Arrows - Author Interview

I am extremely excited to have M.C. Finotti, author of Paintbrushes & Arrows: A Story of Two Girls in St. Augustine in 1875, guest blogging today. Her book is a rare gift. Teachers will love how it weaves real people and events in a heartwarming story. 

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Point of View

Free Printable Point of View Anchor Chart

Presenting Point of View

By using the comparison of a diorama, my students are able to begin to understand 1st and 3rd points of view. I tell the students that in first-person, you shrink yourself and become one of the characters within the diorama. If you were writing a story set in the diorama, you would describe what is happening to you. In third-person, you are outside the diorama, looking in, and telling a story about what you see.

Point of View Activities

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