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Organizing Student Binders

Organizing Student Binders

As an inclusion teacher, I have worked with many teachers. This experience helped me learn many organizational tips from my team teachers. I often feel like a sponge soaking up ideas and trying them out. Over time, I have begun to use one idea from one teacher, another idea for a different teacher, mixed the ideas together, then tweak the methods to make them work better. This notebook is a combination of some of those ideas.

Why Use Binders

Providing students with an entire unit at once in place of handing out single pages saves a huge amount of class time. In the past, I have worked with teachers who bound units with plastic combs or placed units in 3 pronged folders. Both of these become expensive as teachers often must purchase the plastic combs or folders out of their own pockets. One great solution is for students to have three ringed binders that can be used for different units all year long. Continue Reading

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